Large Deformation Analysis in Geotechnics


In geotechnical engineering, numerous problems involve large deformation, such as installation of foundations, tunnel face instability, landslides, etc.. Benefitted from the sustained development of computing power, numerical simulations have become standard methods in geomechanics and its related fields. Adequate simulations with large deformation analysis are helpful for geotechnical design and disaster protection.

Topic 1: Development of edge-based smoothed PFEM

Based on particle finite element method (PFEM), we developed a novel edge-based smoothed PFEM for large deformation analysis.

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Topic 2: Implementation of advanced soil models in ABAQUS

We implemented advanced soil models via ABAQUS/Explicit and simulated soil collapse, penetration of caisson foundation, and the installation of pile using the ABAQUS/SPH and ABAQUS/CEL.

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Topic 3: Coupled FDM-DEM method

We implemented advanced soil models into finite difference code and coupled with discrete element method, using which we can carry out simulations of engineering scale, such as tunnelling, caisson foundation.

  • Yin Z-Y, Wang P#, Zhang F (2020). Effect of particle shape on the progressive failure of shield tunnel face in granular soils by coupled FDM-DEM method. Tunn. Undergr. Sp. Tech., 100: 103394.