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Zhen-Yu YIN / Associate Professor - PolyU

Leader of GeoInvention Lab, Bachelor from Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China), Master and PhD from Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Associate Editor of "European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering", Editorial Board Member of "Canadian Geotechnical Journal", "International Journal of Geomechanics ASCE", "Geotechnique Letters", "Soils and Foundations", "Acta Geotechnica" etc.

Yin-Fu JIN / Postdoctoral Fellow - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Artificial intelligence in geotechnical engineering; 2) Finite element large deformation analysis for geotechnical engineering; 3) Constitutive modeling of soils.

Pei WANG / Postdoctoral Fellow - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Clay particle interactions, clay behaviors and clay-structure interface; 2) Micro-mechanics based multi-scale computational modeling of granular materials; 3) Micro-mechanical analysis of soil behavior using DEM and FDM-DEM; 4) Breakage mechanics based constitutive modeling of granular material.

Jie YANG / Postdoctoral Fellow - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Constitutive modeling of soils; 2) Internal erosion in soils; 3) Multi-physics modeling in geotechnical engineering; 4) Soil-structure interface.

Han-Lin WANG / Research Assistant Professor - PolyU

Research interests: Geo-infrastructure behaviour under monotonic, cyclic and climatic loadings. Characteristic coarse-grain content was identified, separating two affecting zones for microstructure, monotonic and cyclic behaviours: fines or coarse grain dominant. Hydro-mechanical behaviour is controlled by macro- or micro- pores. Thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviours (volume change, water retention, heat transfer, etc.) were interpreted under seasonal climatic processes.

Xiang WANG / Postdoctoral Fellow - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Analysis of granular materials based on machine learning and computational geometry; 2) Morphology analysis and realistic reconstruction of granular materials; 3) Development of discrete element program for real irregular particles; 4) Micromechanical study on granular materials based on fabric anisotropy and micro-pore analysis.

Kai LOU / PhD Candidate - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Physical model test on marine reclamation; 2) Influence of different factors (e.g. initial water content, salinity, dip angle) on soil behavior; 3) Numerical modelling of sedimentation and consolidation.

Yu PAN / PhD Candidate - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Physical model; 2) Reclamation related technology, PVD, vacuum preloading.

Lu-Jia YU / PhD Student - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Marine geotechnical engineering; 2) PFEM and SPFEM for large deformation analysis in geotechnical engineering; 3) Coupled CFD-DEM-FEM simulation.

Numan MALIK / PhD Candidate - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Offshore Pile Foundations; 2) FRP-reinforced sea water sea-sand concrete (SSC) Piles; 3) Physical modeling in geotechnical engineering.

Chang HE / PhD Student - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Finite Volume Community Ocean Model (FVCOM) ; 2) Ocean simulation in coastal area; 3) Sediment and pollutant transport during the dredgging processes.

Jing-Cheng TENG / PhD Student - PolyU

Research interests: 1) FRP Sheet-pile wall; 2) Finite element analysis for structural engineering.

Pin ZHANG / PhD Candidate - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Application of machine learning in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering; 2) Image-based particle reconstruction and morphology identification; 3) In-situ investigation of soil-structure interaction (tunnel, pile, etc.).

Shao-Qun LIN / PhD Student - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Distributed fibre optic sensing application on geotechnical structures; 2) Crack detection using OFDR.

Wang-Qi XU / PhD Student - PolyU

Research interests: Molecular dynamics-based modeling in geotechnical engineering.

Ze-Yu WANG / PhD Student - PolyU

Research interests: Nonlinear finite element analysis in geotechnical engineering.

Shun-Xiang SONG / PhD Student - PolyU

Research interests: 1) DEM simulation in geotechnical engineering; 2) Constitutive modeling of soils; 3) Coupled hydro-mechanical modeling of suffusion in gap-graded cohesionless soils.

Bidur PATHAK / PhD Student - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Modification of soft clay and study of clay-structure interface behaviour; 2) Finite element simulation.

Peng-Lin LI / PhD Student - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Finite strain consolidation theory; 2) Elastic Visco - Plastic; (EVP) constitutive model.

Geng-Fu HE / Research Assistant - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Prediction of soil water retention by artificial intelligence; 2) Steady-state liquefaction strength of soils; 3) Effects of soil liquefaction on slope stability.

Min-Hao ZHANG / PhD Student - PolyU/SUSTech

Research interests: 1) Penetration and pull-out capacity of Dynamically Installed Anchors; 2) Large deformation FEM (ALE, CEL, SPH); 3) Realistic numerical simulation of coupling between sea water, seabed soil and pile foundation.

Xian-Han WU / PhD Student - PolyU

Research interests: Mechanical properties and multi-scale modeling of marine organic soil.

Pei ZHANG / Lecturer - BUCEA

Research interests: 1) Construction mechanics of underground structures; 2) Large-scale triaxial tests on soil-rock mixture (EVP) constitutive model; 3) Mesoscale and multiscale modeling in geotechnical engineering.

Yue-Xiang LIN

Research interests: 1) Morphology extraction, analysis and reconstruction of realistic particles based on deep learning and digital image; 2) Development Finite element program for heterogeneous geomaterials; 3) Failure analysis of composite materials using Finite-discrete element method.

Zhao LU / PhD Candidate - MACAU.U

Research interests: 1) Mechanism of Slurry infiltration in granular materials; 2) FBG sensing monitoring in Engineering practice; 3) Centrifuge test in Geotechnical Engineering; 4) Indoor conventional laboratory test.

PhD Students

Chu-Heng ZHONG (10/2019), Thesis Title:"Study of soil behaviour subjected to an internal erosion process", University of Nantes, France. Currently Hubei University of Technology.
Kai-Hui LI (09/2019), Thesis Titile: "Size Effect and Anisotropy in Transversely Isotropic Rocks", The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China. Currently Assistant Professor at Central South University.
Jie YANG (07/2019), Thesis Titile: "Numerical analysis of multi-physics problems of subsidence in the vicinity of a hydraulic earthwork", Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Xiao-Feng LI (09/2020-06/2019).
Hao XIONG (01/2018-05/2019), currently Associate Researcher at Shenzhen University.
Jian LI (07/2014-07/2015), currently Assistant Professor at Beijing Jiao Tong University.

Visiting Scholars

Shuai CAO (09/2019-04/2020), currently Associate Professor at University of Science and Technology Beijing.
Jun-Xiu LIU (02/2019-01/2020), currently Associate Professor at Anhui Jianzhu University.

Exchange Students

Qi-Wei LIU (10/2020-04/2021), currently PhD Candidate at Hunan University.
Wei-Yi LI (10/2018-04/2019), currently PhD Candidate at Tongji University.
Ya-Jing LIU (05/2019-05/2020), currently PhD candidate at Zhejiang University.