Zhen-Yu YIN / Associate Professor - PolyU

Leader of GeoInvention Lab, Bachelor from Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China), Master and PhD from Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France), Associate Editor of "European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering" and "Geotechnique Letters", Editorial Board Member of "Canadian Geotechnical Journal", "International Journal of Geomechanics ASCE"

Yin-Fu JIN / Postdoctoral Fellow - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Artificial intelligence in geotechnical engineering; 2) Finite element large deformation analysis for geotechnical engineering; 3) Constitutive modeling of soils.

Pei WANG / Postdoctoral Fellow - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Clay particle interactions, clay behaviors and clay-structure interface; 2) Micro-mechanics based multi-scale computational modeling of granular materials; 3) Micro-mechanical analysis of soil behavior using DEM and FDM-DEM; 4) Breakage mechanics based constitutive modeling of granular material.

Jie YANG / Postdoctoral Fellow - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Constitutive modeling of soils; 2) Internal erosion in soils; 3) Multi-physics modeling in geotechnical engineering; 4) Soil-structure interface.

Han-Lin WANG / Research Assistant Professor - PolyU

Research interests: Geo-infrastructure behaviour under monotonic, cyclic and climatic loadings. Characteristic coarse-grain content was identified, separating two affecting zones for microstructure, monotonic and cyclic behaviours: fines or coarse grain dominant. Hydro-mechanical behaviour is controlled by macro- or micro- pores. Thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviours (volume change, water retention, heat transfer, etc.) were interpreted under seasonal climatic processes.

Xiang WANG / Postdoctoral Fellow - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Analysis of granular materials based on machine learning and computational geometry; 2) Morphology analysis and realistic reconstruction of granular materials; 3) Development of discrete element program for real irregular particles; 4) Micromechanical study on granular materials based on fabric anisotropy and micro-pore analysis.

Yu PENG / Postdoctoral Fellow - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Particle breakage in geotechnical engineering; 2) Pile-soil interaction; 3) Engineering properties of bentonite-sand mixtures as buffer materials; 4) Loess improvement.

Peyman AELA / Postdoctoral Fellow - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Discrete element modeling in geotechnical engineering; 2) Constitutive modeling of soil and ballast; 3) Experimental investigation of granular materials behavior reinforced by recycled materials.

Ding-Bao SONG / Postdoctoral Fellow - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Treatment of dredged sediment and soft soil; 2) Analyses of consolidation settlements; 3) Numerical simulation method for geotechnical problems; 4) Treatment of contaminated soil; 5) Soil-structure interaction of buried structures.

Qi ZHANG / Postdoctoral Fellow - PolyU

Research interests: 1) Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanical modeling of sedimentary rocks with bedding structure; 2) Non-Darcy flow of gas and liquid in nanopores of unconventional tight reservoirs; 3) Poroelasticity and finite deformation poromechanics for single and multiple porosity material; 4) Application of the Physics-Informed Neural Network (PINN) in geotechnical engineering.