If you come across with error like "Could not find version 9.8 of the MATLAB Runtime ......", you probably need to install "MyAppInstaller.exe" which is also in the zipped file.

The ErosFEM platform we developed is a simplified FEM analysis tool for several geotechnical engineering cases base on MATLAB GUI. It contains all the essential functional modules for a typical FEM analysis procedure, including geometric modeling, mesh generation, material property assignment, solution of the FEM equations, postprocessing. Besides, alteration for the err tolerance of equation solvers and scaling factor of displacement display are permitted. Several problems that can be dealt with in the current version of the ErosFEM platform are listed below.

  • Strip footing. The behaviors of the soil subjected to external load or displacement increment can be simulated.
  • Slope. The behaviors of the soil slope subjected to its self-weight can be simulated. Both traditional elastoplastic calculation and safety factor acquired by strength reduction is available.
  • Piling in the soil. The behaviors of a model of pressing a rigid pile into the soil can be simulated.
  • Triaxial compression. The behaviors of the triaxial soil sample subjected to vertical displacement increment on the top and a pre-set confining pressure can be simulated.

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