PhD Students

Chu-Heng ZHONG (10/2019), Thesis Title:"Study of soil behaviour subjected to an internal erosion process", University of Nantes, France. Currently Hubei University of Technology.
Sanae AHAYAN (09/2019), Thesis Title:"A constitutive model for natural clays: from laboratory testing to modelling of offshore monopiles", Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France.

Research Assistant Professor

Han-Lin WANG (01/2020-04/2022), currently Professor at Hunan University.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Xiao-Feng LI (09/2020-06/2021), currently postdoc fellow in University of Toronto, Canada.
Hao XIONG (01/2018-05/2019), currently Associate Researcher at Shenzhen University.
Jian LI (07/2014-07/2015), currently Associate Professor at Beijing Jiao Tong University.

Research Assistant

Qian-Yi ZHANG (02/2021-03/2022).

Visiting Scholars

Pei ZHANG (03/2021-10/2021), currently Associate Professor at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.
Shuai CAO (09/2019-04/2020), currently Associate Professor at University of Science and Technology Beijing.
Jun-Xiu LIU (02/2019-01/2020), currently Associate Professor at Anhui Jianzhu University.

Exchange Students

Zhao LU (10/2020-06/2021), currently PhD Candidate at University of Macau.
Qi-Wei LIU (10/2020-04/2021), currently PhD Candidate at Hunan University.
Wei-Yi LI (10/2018-04/2019), currently working in Guangzhou Audit Bureau.