Postdoc Lecture ---- Dr. Shao-Heng HE

Updated: August 30, 2022

Dr. Shao-Heng HE, from Zhejiang University, shared his Phd research about "Dynamic properties of calcareous sand filler and long-term settlement of foundation filled with calcareous sand under traffic loads". Prof. YIN was the host.

In addition, this was the first gathering in this academic year. We have serveral new faces around. Warmly welcome!

Dr. Mao-Zhu PENG, from Univeristy of Western Australia

Mr. Rui-Dong LI, first-year PhD student

Miss Ya-Shi QIU, third-year PhD student

Dr. Shuai ZHAO, from Tongji Univeristy

Mr. Zhi-Hao ZHOU, exchange student from Tongji University

Dr. Kai-Qi LI, from Wuhan University

Dr. Wei-Jian LIANG, from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Miss Yan-Ling TANG, first-year PhD student

Mr. Hong-Chi LIU, first-year PhD student