The IGES 2023 was successfully held at PolyU

Updated: Dec 04, 2023

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The International Symposium on Innovations in Geotechnical Engineering towards Sustainability (IGES 2023) was successfully held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The conference is a commemorative event for the PolyU Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering's 50th Anniversary, which will be honorarily chaired by Prof. Jian-Hua Yin and co-chaired by Prof Zhen-Yu Yin, Dr. Andy Y.F. Leung, Dr. Chao Zhou, and Dr. Qi Zhao from CEE, PolyU.

The Vice President of PolyU, Christopher CHAO, the Dean of the FCE, Xiangdong LI, and the Head of CEE, Chi Sun POON, delivered orations during the opening ceremony and expressed warm welcome to all our guests and participants in theJockey Club Auditorium.

Thanks so much to our participants from all over the world. We have received around 400 registrations. 15 worldwide famous scholars and 51 invited speakers have addressed excellent speeches, so as the 198 young researchers. This symposium could serve as a bridge to connect many research communities and provide very excellent opportunity for global professionals to exchange ideas.

Special thanks also go to the great support from our CEE, FCE, and PolyU-HK, and also the organizing committee, and volunteer groups.