Highlights reviewing in 2023

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

We have many memorable moments in 2023. Here we would like to share the top 10 events with you. Hope we make more progress and achieve bigger success in the next year.

1. Dr. Pin ZHANG was awarded "75th Géotechnique Anniversary Early Career Award" (insightful paper on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics in geotechnics published in the decade 2013-2023)" in May 2023, "Ringo Yu Prize" of PhD thesis by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers in April 2023, "FCE Awards for Outstanding PhD Theses 2022/23", and "PolyU PhD Thesis Award 2023 – Merit Award".

2. The International Symposium on Innovations in Geotechnical Engineering towards Sustainability (IGES 2023), chaired by Prof. YIN Zhen-Yu with CEE geotechnical colleagues, was successfully held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

3. Three group members/alumni received the Award of Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Overseas) of NSFC in 2023. Dr. YANG jie and Dr. LV Hai-Min will join Shenzhen University as full professors and Dr. LI Xiao-Feng will join Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as full professor.

4. The team has received three grants of General Research Fund (GRF) from the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong (RGC): (i) Investigation of grain breakage and seepage erosion in carbonate sand based on a multi-scale hydro-mechanical approach; (ii) Physics-informed multi-fidelity neural network approach for intelligent rectification of shield machine attitude in layered soils; (iii) Machine learning-aided multiscale approach for recycled solid waste mixtures composed of easily crushable rigid aggregates and highly deformable soft aggregates.

5. Congratulations to Dr. YANG Jie, Dr. JIN Zhuang, and Dr. ZHANG Ning for their approval of grants of the Young Scientists Fund of NSFC this year.

6. High quality papers with interesting topics and results have been published on top journals (e.g. Geotechnique: 2; ASCE JGGE: 2; CGJ: 5; Int J Plasticity: 1; Comput. Methods in Appl. Mech. Eng.: 3).

7. Dr. WANG Ze-Yu (Chief supervisor: Prof. YIN Zhen-Yu, Co-supervisor: Dr. WANG Yu-Ze) and Dr. LIN Shao-Qun (Chief supervisor: Prof. YIN Jian-Hua, Co-supervisor: Prof. YIN Zhen-Yu) passed their PhD thesis defense and obtained the doctor’s degree.

8. Prof. YIN Zhen-Yu obtained the FCE Dean's Awards 2023 (Outstanding Achievement in Teaching Innovation; Outstanding Achievement in Research Funding).

9. Mr. HU Xiangyu was awarded "K. K. Choy Scholarship 2022/23" in August 2023 based on his excellent achievements in Master study. He will continue his PhD study on May 2024.

10. Prof. Zhen-Yu YIN was invited to give a keynote lecture at "The 4th International Symposium of Machine Learning and Big Data in Geoscience", held by University College Cork, Ireland (29/8-1/9 2023).