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Articles in peer reviewed Science Citation Indexed journals (after Web of Science)

(“*” representing corresponding author; “#” representing supervised PhD student)​

​​2022 Journal Papers

  1. Wang P, Yin Z-Y*, Wang Z (2022). Micromechanical investigation of particle size effect of granular materials in biaxial test with the role of particle breakage. J. Eng. Mech. ASCE, 148(1): 04021133.
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​​2021 Journal Papers

  1. Zhao D, Hattab M, Hicher P-Y, Yin Z-Y* (2021). Effect of stress level on the microstructural evolution of clay under creep. J. Eng. Mech. ASCE, accepted.
  2. Liu QW, Chen RP, Wang HL, Yin Z-Y, Wu HN (2021).Effect of particle shape on soil arching in the pile-supported embankment by 3D discrete element method, Int. J. Geomech. ASCE, accepted.
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  5. Teaching publication: Yin Z-Y*, Teng JC, Wang HL, Jin YF (2021). A MATLAB-based educational platform for analysis of slope stability. Comput. Appl. Eng. Educ., https://doi.org/10.1002/cae.22474.
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​​2020 Journal Papers

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​​2019 Journal Papers

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​​2018 Journal Papers

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